AI Teleconsultation in Dentistry: A Glimpse into the Future of Patient Care




In today’s digital age, AI supported teleconsultation has become an integral part of medical care. It allows patients to connect with their healthcare providers from any corner of the world, ensuring continuity of care even when they’re miles away from home. This article delves into a recent teleconsultation experience, highlighting its importance and the seamless integration of technology in patient care.

Michael’s Dental Dilemma in Greece

While enjoying his holiday in Greece, Michael Thompson, a college professor, faced an unexpected dental issue. He experienced pain in his upper jaw, which raised concerns about a potential periimplantitis recurrence. Given his detailed dental history, it was crucial for him to get expert advice without delay.

The Power of Teleconsultation

Michael reached out through a teleconsultation platform, providing a detailed account of his situation. In response, he received a comprehensive summary of his dental history, which would be invaluable for any local dentist in Greece unfamiliar with his case.

The summary included:

  • A detailed account of his implant history, including the type, serial number, and past complications.
  • His medical history, emphasizing conditions and medications that might influence dental treatment decisions.
  • Recommendations on potential treatments and precautions to consider, given his history of periimplantitis and other medical conditions.

Benefits of AI Teleconsultation in Dentistry

  1. Immediate Access to Expertise: Even while on holiday, Michael could tap into the expertise of his dental care provider.
  2. Continuity of Care: Despite being miles away from his regular dentist, Michael received advice consistent with his dental history.
  3. Convenience: Without the need for physical appointments, Michael could get guidance right from his holiday destination.
  4. Comprehensive Data Sharing: The platform allowed for a detailed sharing of patient history, ensuring the local dentist in Greece would have all the necessary information.

Synthetic Patient Data

We use AI generated medical history to test the system response. Michael is a synthetic patient generated by the Virtual Patient System.


AI Teleconsultation is revolutionizing patient care, ensuring that no matter where you are, expert advice is just a click away. Michael’s experience is a testament to the evolving landscape of healthcare, where technology bridges the gap between patients and providers, ensuring optimal care at all times.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this article is based on synthetic patient data and serves as an example of the potential of teleconsultation in dentistry. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personal medical advice.

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