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AI-based Early Detection of Postoperative Complications: Improving Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction Following Dental Implant Surgery

Truppe M., Ewers R.

Postoperative pain and complications associated with the healing process after dental implant surgery can negatively affect success rates. Patient satisfaction is closely linked to quick responses outside of office hours. In this study, we present a novel AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool for the early detection of postoperative complications. This tool represents a further development of our research on teleconsultations at the University Clinic for Oral, Maxillofacial, and Facial Surgery in Vienna, first published internationally in 1997.

Our interactive communication tool is based on IBM Watson and ChatGPT. Interaction is possible via SMS, web-based chat, or WhatsApp. All data are encrypted and stored locally in an open-source database (Nextcloud), and the communication itself is secured in compliance with HIPAA.

Patients are asked to rate their pain and swelling on a 5-point Likert scale for seven days. Additionally, a daily free-text response is analyzed for medically relevant content using AI to complete the daily interaction. By evaluating trends and key parameters, an expedited follow-up appointment can be initiated to minimize postoperative complications.

To motivate patients for daily participation, the AI tool provides precise answers to patient questions through a ChatGPT-based conversation dialogue. The responses are based on the patient’s medical history, which is stored in our open-source Nextcloud database in the practice. This improves postoperative care by employing Artificial Intelligence to analyze trends and assess the quality of indicators.

The scope of interaction is currently being expanded to enable online anamnesis using an interactive conversation dialogue controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

Patient John Doe

Patient John DOE, generated with Midjourney

We have a sample medical history for patient John Doe.

Feel free to type in any question you have and the answer provided by ChatGPT will appear below (coming soon).

Here’s a question from a patient, and the answer is derived from an AI analysis of the surgery report. It uses the surgical report.

Welches Implantat wurde bei der Operation gesetzt? Warum wurde kein ultrakurzes Implantat gesetzt?

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