AI-Implant Pass: A Revolution in Dental Implant Monitoring

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in dental implant care. Introducing the AI-Implant Pass – our groundbreaking virtual patient system powered by the might of artificial intelligence (AI). But what makes it so special? Let’s dive deep.

What is the AI-Implant Pass? The AI-Implant Pass is the first-of-its-kind system designed for Implant Lifecycle Monitoring (ILM). In simple words, ILM is the comprehensive monitoring of a dental implant from its installation to the end of its lifespan. And with the power of AI, this system offers insights and data like never before.

Why is this so revolutionary?

  1. No Software Installation: Say goodbye to hefty downloads and software compatibility issues. The AI-Implant Pass functions as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means it operates seamlessly on a web browser without the need for any additional installations.

What’s SaaS? – Software as a Service is a cloud-based service where instead of downloading software on your desktop PC or business network to run and update, you instead access an application via an internet browser.

  1. Secure Data Storage: Patient confidentiality is our utmost priority. All patient data is stored exclusively in our medical office. Moreover, the data storage is compliant with DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) standards, safeguarded in an open source private cloud platform called Nextcloud.

What’s DSGVO? – The DSGVO is the German term for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. It’s designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe and to protect citizens’ data privacy.

  1. Unique Implant Identification: Every dental implant we surgically positioned gets a unique serial number. This number is crucial. It links the surgical report, technical works, and future dental hygiene appointments to the implant, ensuring streamlined data access.
  2. Smart AI-powered Health Check: By performing an online query with the implant’s serial number, the patient’s medical history is analyzed by our advanced AI. This ensures that any relevance or connection with the implant is thoroughly inspected. 
  3. Comprehensive Patient Data Access: Patients don’t just get data on the type and dimension of their implant. Based on their unique risk profile and medical history, they also receive up-to-date treatment recommendations. Moreover, patients can access their digital surgical plan from computer-navigated surgeries and even view X-rays and 3D DVT scans.

In Conclusion The AI-Implant Pass isn’t just a tool; it’s the future of dental implant care, promising precision, efficiency, and above all, patient empowerment. Experience the future of dental care with us!

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