Exploring Solutions to Lost Short Implants: Alternatives, Sinus Lifts, and Costs in Austria



Teleconsultation – 2023-08-10 09:12

Hello. It seems I just lost the ultrashort Straumann implant at Regio 16. Are there alternative short implants? Do I need a sinuslift? What is the cost in Austria?

Dear Sarah,

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your implant. Don’t worry, there are indeed alternative solutions available to replace short implants.

One such option could be the use of the Bicon SHORT® Implant, which has a length of 5.7mm and has been clinically proven to be effective even in situations with reduced bone height. Another option is the Astra OsseoSpeed™ TX 4 x 6mm implant, which is another reliable choice for situations with limited vertical bone height.

As for whether a sinus lift is necessary, this largely depends on the amount of available bone in the area where the implant was lost. If there is insufficient bone height, a sinus lift procedure may be necessary to create more space for the placement of a new implant.

Please note that this procedure is more complex and involves additional costs. The decision on whether a sinus lift is necessary should ideally be made after a thorough clinical examination and a CT scan.

Regarding the cost of these procedures in Austria, based on the Austrian Dental Association’s fee guidelines from June 24, 2022, the costs are as follows:

Bezeichnung Anzahl Honorar
Bicon SHORT® Implant or Astra OsseoSpeed™ TX 4 x 6mm implant 1 1.476 €
Sinus lift (if necessary) 1 1.390 €
Individual Abutment 1 280 €
Full ceramic crown (Jacket crown) 1 1.132 €
Diagnostics package (3D scan, 3D DVT, Implant planning) 1 180 €
Total (without sinus lift) 3.068 €
Total (with sinus lift) 4.458 €

Again, the decision on the type of implant and whether a sinus lift is necessary should be made after a thorough examination. It’s recommended to have this conversation with your dental surgeon who can give you the best guidance based on their review of your oral health status.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


  1. Bicon SHORT® Implant: A specific type of short dental implant designed for use in areas of the mouth where bone height is limited.
  2. Astra OsseoSpeed™ TX 4 x 6mm implant: Another type of short dental implant designed for use in areas of the mouth where bone height is limited.
  3. Sinus lift: A surgical procedure that aims to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw, typically in the area of the premolars and molars, by “lifting” the sinus membrane.
  4. Abutment: A component that connects the dental implant to the crown.
  5. Full ceramic crown (Jacket crown): A type of crown that is made completely of ceramic and is typically more aesthetically pleasing than other types of crowns.

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