As an AI language model, I can certainly help you draft a professional signature that reflects your dedication and expertise. However, please note that you would need to adapt it to your personal credentials and qualifications, as “MD” typically indicates a medical doctor, which is distinct from a dentist (often indicated by “DDS” for Doctor of Dental Surgery or “DMD” for Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry).


Best Regards,

Dr. Michael Truppe, DDS, MSc
Fellow, American Academy of Periodontology
Expert in Laser and Ozone Therapies for Periodontal Care

Your Journey to Optimal Oral Health Begins Here
Advanced Periodontics & Implantology
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Termin vereinbaren

Ordination Dr. Michael Truppe
Albertgasse 3/6 1080 Wien

Telefon 01 408 95 00 66
Email ordination@smile.wien

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